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Permission denied error thrown when accessing selection.anchorNode.nodeType next to CSS generated text


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached sample.
2. Focus editable element.
3. Press end to move caret after the CSS generated "[foo]" text.
4. Slowly press left arrow few times. Observe console.

This issue was reported on CKEditor's bug tracker:

Actual results:

Permission denied error is logged:

Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType'

Expected results:

It's not entirely clear what should happen with CSS generated text in contenteditable. I think that there are 3 possible solutions:

1. Selection should never be anchored in CSS generated text node - it should behave as unselectable fragment.
2. CSS generated content should not work in contenteditable at all.
3. Error should not be thrown and node should be accessible. Though, I guess that CSS generated text node has no representation in real DOM.

Personally I would say that solution 1. makes most sense.
See also: bug 12460.
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This is definitely a liability -- doing something entirely reasonable like reading properties from a (non-null) `selection.anchorNode` will crash your program. We ran into this with ProseMirror as well (

Piotrek's third suggestion (return undefined instead of erroring when such a property is accessed) would, I believe, be a relatively easy fix and make this corner case much less problematic.
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