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marionette_test calling addError results in multiple test_end messages


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Browsing marionette logs today I noticed exceptions thrown in the tbplformatter since landing bug 956739 when an error is encountered in a test. It looks like marionette_test calling addError directly is causing multiple test_end messages to be emmited by the strucutured runner, causing the formatter to throw.
We need to arrange to have marionette use the structured api correctly, but here's a stopgap to keep the formatter from throwing in the meantime, in case the errors missing from the logs due to this are useful.
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As far as I can see, this can only happen if both this:

and this:

execute, implying an exception thrown in tearDown(). I guess I don't know why this would happen, or if the second error might be significant.
We do a few things in tearDown:

So if something bad happened during the test (like B2G hung or crashed), we could end up timing out during the test (error #1) and then dying during tearDown as well (error #2).  In this case, the second error isn't really significant, since it's a side-effect of the first.
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Prevent the tbplformatter from throwing when multiple test_end messages are issued.

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Ok, let's not do this as a stopgap. I still don't think the formatter should throw, but let's work that out in bug 1036427.
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It seems like an error in teardown should just be logged as an error, and we should enforce the invariant that we have always logged test_end before teardown (or we always do after teardown).
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