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SharedThreadPool::GetEventTarget should be made private


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Returning |mEventTarget| from GetEventTarget() could lead to a longer life of |mEventTarget| than SharedThreadPool which defeat the purpose of SpinUntilShutdown().

Since SharedThreadPool implements nsIEventTarget, the user can just cast a SharedThreadPool into an nsIEventTarget when an nsIEventTarget is wanted.
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Yes, GetEventTarget() would be better private.
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Per comment 0 and comment 1, SharedThreadPool::GetEventTarget() [1] should be private.
Mentor: jwwang
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Attached patch private.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Assignee: nobody → lviknesh
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feedback=jwwang. Looks good to me.

Hi Matthew,
Can you review this patch? Thanks.
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Looks fine, but why not remove GetEventTarget() completely and change NS_FORWARD_SAFE_NSIEVENTTARGET(GetEventTarget()) to NS_FORWARD_SAFE_NSIEVENTTARGET(mEventTarget)?  There are no other users that I can find.
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Good idea.

Hi vikneshwar,
Please change the patch as suggested by Matthew and put r=kinetik in the commit message. Also please push the patch to Try to ensure the patch doesn't break any builds on all platforms.
Got RED in try push :( not sure whats going wrong
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(In reply to vikneshwar from comment #7)
> Created attachment 8456253 [details] [diff] [review]
> eventtarget.patch
> Got RED in try push :( not sure whats going wrong

Patch looks fine... Can you post a link to the try push please?
hai Matthew , here :)
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Can you update the repo and try again? It built fine for me.
hai jwwang , when i run the build with patch it fails , here is the log . However it builds fine without the patch
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Mystery solved: bug 996465 removed the only call to GetEventTarget().  So with a current tree, this patch works fine.
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is there anymore changes i should make to the patch , or its fine for checkin now  ??
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Good to go!
This is a simple change that don't need run Try tests provided it doesn't break builds.
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