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[E10S] The 'SearchPreview' Addon is no longer Working/Compatible


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Windows 8.1
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hi Edward, if you have any questions about add-on support for multiprocess Firefox (e10s), just drop by the #e10s IRC channel on MDN also has a good introduction:
Hi Chris, I have ported SearchPreview to Add-on SDK (high level APIs only), it works fine in Firefox 32 and Nightly without e10s, but when I enable e10s it does not work. 

I think I am running into and

I read here that “the Add-on SDK isn't yet fully compatible with multiprocess Firefox, but it will be soon”: What is target date for full compatibility?

The same document promises “if you only use the Add-on SDK's high-level APIs, you won't be affected”: Does this promise still stand?

When do you plan to enable e10s by default in Firefox?
Also having this issue: bug 1062892
hi Edward, there are still e10s issues we are fixing in the Add-on SDK. We hope to enable e10s by default in Firefox 36 (on the Nightly channel in October 2014 and on the Release channel in February 2015).
Depends on: e10s-sdk
Keywords: addon-compat
Version: 33 Branch → Trunk
I have released SearchPreview 8.0 with E10S compatibility, it is currently in review at AMO and available here for testing:
There was a slight issue with SearchPreview 8.0. Version 8.1 should work.
Thanks, Edward!
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