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Implement CSS scroll nudging


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Meta for CSS scroll nudging. The original design work for the vertical homescreen involved scroll nudging as an improvement to the ergonomics of scrolling. Once we have platform-level smooth-scrolling, we would like to implement this. Timeline TBD depending on risk and GFX timeline.
Depends on: 1022818
No longer depends on: 977967
Adding bug 964097 in the dependency chain as we seem to have two bugs tracking this work.  Oh, and it's a layout feature, they get the credit for the awesomeness in the end.
Depends on: 964097
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Whiteboard: [systemsfe][priority]
Bug 945584 Comment 62 describes how the CSS scroll-snapping feature could be completed, with integration of momentum and smooth transitions from fling gestures.

Alternately, Bug 964097 (CSSOM-View scroll-behavior) spec adds smooth scrolling which together with GAIA side scripting could implement the scroll nudging effect.  Earlier UX + GFX standup meetings have revealed that it would also be necessary to expose either the velocity of the fling gesture or the predicted landing position of the fling gesture.

Please review and advise if this would be best implemented with Bug 945584's redux or if we should expose more information from the fling gesture to implement it on the GAIA side on top of the CSSOM-View scroll-behavior extensions.
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CSSOM-View scroll-behavior will provide many other benefits besides only declaritive scroll snapping in gaia. I am open to trying to implement scroll-snapping using this approach initially, though I'm not 100% sure if this will work as well as we would expect.

To do so we would definitely need some more information for gaia in the form of some kind of event or API that tells us the expected ending position. I sent out an email about this recently to a few folks and forgot to add you, but perhaps it's time to bring that discussion to a bug or mailing list.
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Mass update: Resolve wontfix all issues with legacy homescreens.

As of 2.6 we have a new homescreen and having these issues open is confusing. All issues will block bug 1231115 so we can use that to re-visit any of these if needed.
Blocks: 1231115
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