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Test failure 'Autocomplete results should be visible' in testAwesomeBar/testAccessLocationBar.js


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(firefox33 fixed, firefox34 fixed)

Tracking Status
firefox33 --- fixed
firefox34 --- fixed


(Reporter: danisielm, Assigned: andrei)




(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [mozmill-test-failure])


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Module:    functional
Test:      testAwesomeBar/testAccessLocationBar.js > testAccessLocationBarHistory
Failure:   Autocomplete results should be visible
Branches:  Nightly
Platforms: OSX (all)

Line that fails:

I can reproduce this locally on my Mac OSX 10.8. Looks like it only affects OSX.

It started from the build since 12 July 2014:

As the most candidate I see bug 1020496 to cause this.
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We should check if there's a way to also add a message when conditionally disabling tests.
I know I've searched for a way some while ago but didn't found one.
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Assignee: nobody → andrei.eftimie

Regressor is bug 1034845

Checking now exactly what fails in our test and why.
I can reproduce this manually:

1. Open Firefox (preferably a populated profile, otherwise visit some pages)
2. In an existing or new tab type in "about:blank"
3. Hit the down arrow once

Expected result: the AutoComplete popup opens
Actual result: nothing happens


Both: "about:blank", "about:newtab" are affected.

Dao, could you please look into your patch from bug 1034845 could have affected this?
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Sorry, I don't see how my patch from bug 1034845 would cause this, let alone why it would be OS-X-only.
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This is certainly a regression in Firefox. Andrei, please file a new bug under the appropriate component for further investigation. Lets not hijack again one of our bugs under mozmill-tests.
Depends on: 1038614
From what I see in bug 1038614, it's not a big issue for them to get fixed, so not sure if we want to keep this as P1 and also not have the test fixed (even if it's kind of a workaround) so we can use it. Since they don't think this is major to get fixed, we'll have this test skipped for a year or more :(
I agree, lets get this fixed with a workaround and mark 1038614 as a potential fix to remove the workaround
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Works fine to blur the urlbar before attempting to clear it.
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I'll leave it until tomorrow before backporting to aurora.
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All good, transplanted: (aurora)
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Mozilla QA → Mozilla QA Graveyard
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