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17 years ago
When I press space after reading the last message from some newsgroup, I get the
following dialog box:

    Advance to next unread message on newsgroup...
         OK     Cancel

In my opinion, this dialog should be removed. This is the classical sample of
spoiling the user interaction. When I press space, I want to move to the next
unread message.
Yes, but do you want to move to the next _newsgroup_?

Before this was added people had problems advancing to things when they really
did not want to, iirc.
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morphing bug.

there's a hidden pref you can set.


0: "next" goes to the next folder, without prompting
1: "next" goes to the next folder, and prompts (the default)
2: "next" will not go to the next folder.

reporter, you want to add this to your prefs.js:


There is no pref UI for this.  We could put a checkbox in the "Advance to ..."
dialog ([ ] "Don't warn me" or something, to toggle the value from 0 to 1.  (2
would still be a hidden value)

cc jglick for comments.  this UI issue is low priority.
Summary: Please, remove 'Advance to next unread message...' dialog → add UI for "mailnews.nav_crosses_folders"


17 years ago
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Comment 3

17 years ago
If enough people feel this is important, we can add UI to control this. This 
would be a Global prefs (vs per Account)?


17 years ago
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17 years ago
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Comment 4

17 years ago
Per-account? Teehee. If the pref was on in account A, and off in account B, and 
you were on the last unread message in account A, and the next unread message 
was in account B, and you pressed Space, what would happen? :-)

But seriously ... The whole idea of putting up an alert for this is broken, 
regardless of whether there's an option to turn it off. You should only put up 
an alert asking a question if the user is in danger, and that's certainly not 
the case here.

Instead, I suggest replacing the contents of the message pane with a 
placeholder page (like bug 28586), as follows.

[i] There are no more unread messages in this folder.

    To continue to the next folder or group containing unread messages,
    press the Space key again.

That way it's not too easy to go to another folder if you didn't mean it (you 
have to press Space twice, not once), but it doesn't disturb the flow of 
repeatedly pressing Space to go through all your newsgroups.

Then the pref can be taken out the back and shot.
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8 years ago
Valid enhancement request.
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8 years ago
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