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High rate of AccessingLogFailed on Windows XP


(Firefox :: General, defect)





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About 10% of hotfix payload records are indicating failure due to AccessingLogFailed. The problem is most pronounced on Windows XP.

Georg: would you mind brain dumping?
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Most of these were actually "install.log not found or not updated", right?

On Windows 5.1.* / XP, we don’t try to elevate. [0]
If we detect that the install path is not writable, we run the installer non-hidden [1], the assumption being that users can try to install to a writable location.
However, i assume we still default to the non-writable location in that visible installer as i don’t see us changing/influencing the path anywhere.

How likely does that scenario seem? Are we somehow able to confirm/correlate this from the data we have?
Flags: needinfo?(georg.fritzsche)
Severity: normal → S3
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