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Update mozL10n API use cases in System


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System uses some mozL10n.translate and mozL10n.localize both of which are deprecated.

The patch will remove the translate (since this is a no-op anyway) and move localize to setAttributes.
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Julien, you're a suggested reviewer. Can you take a look at this or reassign to who should look here?

It's a fairly trivial patch. It does three things:
 - localize to setAttributes (or DOM setAttribute if possible)
 - move tests to test for DOM attribute instead of textContent value
 - remove mozL10n.translate

The last one is the only one which is not automatic. The mozL10n.translate is a no-op anyway, so it will not change any behavior, but we should make sure that MutationObserver does cover it.

From my understanding of the code, in these cases it does so I'm removing the call.
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Moving to etienne. Etienne, I'm not sure you're the right guy for some of the files, but you're definitely the right guy for some others :)
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Small comment on github, but all good for the install/udpate parts.

Flagging Alive to review the rest :)
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