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Add mozilla::services Getter for nsIServiceWorkerManager


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Hi, I'm interested in this bug, can I have some more information about this bug to tackle it?
Thanks for your interest, Lynn!

In order to fix this bug, you need to add nsIServiceWorkerManager to <>.  This file defines the list of XPCOM services available from the mozilla::services namespace.  Once you have done that, you want to convert the existing consumers of this service which use do_GetService() to get access to it to use the newly added mozilla::services::ServiceWorkerManager() function instead.  Please see <> which is an example of how this has been done for another XPCOM service.
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This is a good start!  Please see my comment below.  Note that you should probably change all of the occurrences in this list: <>

::: dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp
@@ -43,5 @@
>    nsCOMPtr<nsISupports> promise;
> -  nsresult rv;
> -  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
> -  if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(rv))) {

You should not omit the error checking paths here and in the other place below.  You should probably do something like:

  if (!swm) {
    return nullptr;
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Attached patch bug-1041335-fix.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Some of the lines that the search result yields don't exist
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This looks good, but I think your tree is out of date, and that is why you're not seeing the rest of the occurrences of SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID.  Here's what I get on my local tree if I grep SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID:

content/base/src/nsDocument.cpp:4472:    nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID);
content/base/src/nsDocument.cpp:8496:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID);
dom/interfaces/base/nsIServiceWorkerManager.idl:50:#define SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID ";1"
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:64:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:87:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:141:    nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:180:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:189:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:215:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerContainer.cpp:258:  nsCOMPtr<nsIServiceWorkerManager> swm = do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID, &rv);
dom/workers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp:612:    do_GetService(SERVICEWORKERMANAGER_CONTRACTID);

Can you please try updating your tree and convert the rest of these?  Thanks!
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Thanks a lot, Lynn!  Your patch looks great.
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I landed the patch for you:
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Closed: 9 years ago
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