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Allow controlling whether a scrollable element has a scrollbar


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Not sure whether to file this in layout or apzc... Either way, scrollgrab elements should not have visible scrollbars.

We use scrollgrab almost exclusively (well, completely exclusively) for doing hiding overlay type things (think fennec's dynamic toolbar), it doesn't make sense for the outer frame in this situation have scrollbars.

If there's some CSS that already allows you to disable scrollbars, sorry to have missed it :)
I think this bug makes more sense in Layout, because that's where the scrollbars are generated.
Component: Panning and Zooming → Layout
There is no CSS property for now as far as I know. One would be nice since this is usually what you want when you do a scrollable div with paging. For example the previous horizontal homescreen was implementing their own scrollbars, to represent page to page navigation, but the old ones were hidden by making the horizontal scrollable area taller than the screen (so that the scrollbars are off-screen).

This is also what happens in the contacts apps, the scrollbars are hidden in the main view by making the width of the scrollable area bigger than the screen.

In Roc, says that a new overflow: -moz-foobar value could be doable. Fo reference webkit does that with: .element::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 0 !important }.

In general styling scrollbars is a common request as well, but it seems out of the scope of this bug, which may be to have a way to turn on/off scrollbars for a scrollable area without killing its ability to scroll.
Whiteboard: [systemsfe][tako]
Blocks: scrollgrab
I think that scroll grabbing and showing scroll bars are two orthogonal behaviours of a scrollable element that should not be tied together. Instead, I suggest introducing a separate mechanism to control whether or not a scrollable element has scrollbars.
No longer blocks: scrollgrab
Summary: Layers with scrollgrab should not have/draw scrollbars → Allow controlling whether a scrollable element has a scrollbar
Blocks: graphene
Severity: normal → S3
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