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Refactor test_ipc tests to avoid code duplication


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The test_ipc tests (namely: "content/media/webspeech/synth/ipc/test/test_ipc.html", "dom/devicestorage/ipc/test_ipc.html", "dom/indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html" and "dom/media/tests/ipc/test_ipc.html") have a lot of duplicated code, and it's currently painful to modify it (like in bug 886570).

A large portion of that code should be factored-out in a separate file included by those tests.
Bug 1010285 talks about disabling these tests all together, if I understand correctly.
Yes, I just saw it and I wonder what its state is. If mochitest-e10s's coverage is equivalent to the test_ipc coverage, it's probably better to just deactivate them.
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Probably better to wait for bug 1010285 (replacing test_ipc by the e10s tests)
Closed: 7 years ago
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Actually, we'll probably have to fix this since we could still have to work on the IPC tests before they're disabled (like for bug 1057558)
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WIP patch;

I'm having some trouble sharing some IPC code because of this:

If I change the iframeSecondFunction by a function "dynamically" generated (with a closure to give the correct IPC "namespace") it doesn't work, because only the function's code is passed to the second iframe.

Is there a simple/clean way to do this? I'm not really familiar with IPC tests or iframes for that matter :)
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Found a way (by passing the parameter in loadFrameScript too)
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Attached patch 0001-Merge-ipc-tests.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
WIP patch.

Works OK, but I have a bug on a particular test in indexedDB: is(usingChildProcess, true, "Expecting to run in child process");

(The callback doesn't seem to be called even if it's set-up properly)
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Old patch, here's the updated one.
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