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[email/backend] Switch to using (node-based) hoodiecrow fake IMAP/SMTP servers from Thunder fake-servers


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We currently use fake IMAP and SMTP servers derived from the Thunderbird fake-servers.  (Specifically, they're the same with a few minor changes.)  We want to switch to using Andris Reinman's hoodiecrow fake IMAP server for reasons of:

- it's full featured and very cleanly extensible
- it's friends with the email.js libraries that we are switching to as part of bug 885110
- it runs in node.js which potentially simplifies its use in testing frameworks/etc.

The current plan is to consider the switch to using this as part of bug 885110.  Mainly we would do that if either:
- bug 885110 turns out to be really easy 
- bug 885110 is turning out to be hard and the current IMAP fake-server is part of the problem and the fixes are not trivial.
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The GELAM bits are based on top of my test framework patch, though in retrospect, the GELAM changes are minimal enough that it probably wouldn't have to be that way. If desired, I could rework that so that they aren't dependent.

Two fixes to hoodiecrow were needed: one regex patch (which you saw on IRC), and one bugfix to make it always return "UID" in response to "UID FETCH". The former has already been merged into hoodiecrow master and referenced in package.json; the latter has not yet been merged, and would need to be pulled from to make all the tests pass. Getting that in would be a prerequisite to landing.

One GELAM test needed a tweak (as discussed on IRC, and visible in the GELAM commit) to avoid timezone problems, but the rest pass largely without modification.
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Mail-fakeservers PR

(Patch notes in separate bugzilla comment. The GELAM PR can probably be ignored for now, pending whether or not we want to merge the test framework changes first, as noted in my previous comment.)
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I have since merged the second andris9/hoodiecrow patch and updated package.json in mail-fakeservers.
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Mail-fakeservers PR

It's pretty cool that we can keep around the old fake-servers for now too!
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Gaia changes are inconsequential and do not need to be merged.

Mail-fakeservers released with v0.0.39:
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