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Clearing timer in Firefly shutdown is racy and not needed


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I get an exception almost every time I try to shutdown a Firefly video casting session:
E/GeckoConsole(29571): [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this._info_timer.clear is not a function" {file: "resource://gre/modules/FireflyApp.jsm" line: 307}]

Looking at this in the debugger, this.info_timer is null but flips as I step over to the next line. It's racing with the timer's timeout itself.

Thinking about this more, shutdown is only requesting a shutdown from the receiver. It's not any different than requesting a pause or play, and we don't kill the timer before those. There should be no reason we need to clear the timer and removing it doesn't show any errors - but does allow a normal shutdown to happen.
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I should note that the exception I get when attempting to shutdown means the video session does not shutdown. I have to keep tapping the button until I will the race.

With the patch, it's not a problem.
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firefly-fix v0.1

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