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email UI: "Show external images" styling


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2.1 S3 (29aug)
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Update the styling of the button to load external images. See design spec in bug 1028224.
Summary: email UI: Read message with external images → email UI: "Show external images" styling
Whiteboard: [tako]
Attached image external-images.png (obsolete) —
Attached is a screenshot is an experiment I did to meet the goals of this ticket. Since this ticket is fairly new, there is not visual design spec for this, so I could have gotten it horribly wrong.

So :peko, in the case where you did not want this sort of styling, feel free to discard this, and in that case, this ni request is for the visual spec that you desire.

The image on the left is what is shown when the images will be fetched from a remote web site. The second image shows how it will look if there are other attachments in the email, and if the images for the email message are included in the email, but just not shown.

I used the View image used for attachments here, but again, this is very speculative, just more to start the conversation.
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Hi James,

Thanks for your work~ actually your screenshot is quite the same as my design. Just need to modify some details. I still waiting for the feedback from Peter and Patryk, and will update spec asap.
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No testcase, I will verify UI directly.
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Hi James,

Zip file including spec and icon image.
Please see attached zip file for your reference.
updated more detail
Attachment #8472871 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached image external-images.png
Attached is what I have implemented now in a branch, based on the spec. It shows the two types of messages that could show up there. Notes:

1) For the bottom one pixel border, I used #f2f2f1 instead of #f5f5f4, because the existing border under the subject line is use #f2f2f1.

2) It is not exactly 55px height, more like 52px, based on font sizing results and using the space that comes naturally. I did not want to set a hard height because the text needs to be able to expand even potentially to three lines based on the localizations.

3) The zip file with the spec only included icon_show_external_image.png. I will need the @1.5, 2 and 2.25x versions of the icon too.
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Looks good to me! Thanks James!
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Looks good! Thank you James!
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uploaded other resolution.
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Pull request, asuth already r+ in the pull request, but will formalize that with the flags here.
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Assignee: nobody → jrburke
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GitHub pull request

It's traditionally allowed to directly set the review flag to + if you indicate in the comment who did it and via what communication mechanism.  like "r=asuth from the pull request" or "r=asuth on IRC".
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Merged in master:

from pull request:
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