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Display unread indicator in Reading List home panel header


(Firefox for Android :: Reader View, defect)

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This came up when reviewing Yuan's design for share overlay work.

We'd like to offer a visual hint when adding to reading list (via Bug 788114). That hint includes an unread count, and this would be pretty badass.
Current thinking is that this can just be an unread indicator, rather than a count -- the count will conflict with the tabs counter.
Summary: Display unread count in Reading List home panel header → Display unread indicator in Reading List home panel header
The way the home panels are implemented, we do not expect the title to change, so this may be challenging.

What kind of unread indicator are we thinking here? Will this be something controlled by a state in gecko or Java?

In addition to figuring out how to actually change the view for this unread indicator, we'll need to create some sort of API to toggle it.
See <> for mocks.



for unread, and


for nothing new to read. This should reflect the database state: when a record is inserted into the DB, presumably unread, the UI should reflect that on next display.

It's unlikely that a user will insert into the reading list while displaying the reading list home panel, if that makes life easier.
Moving to the correct component and taking out of V2 as we want to think about this separately as part of all panels "notification" state, rather than V2 improvements for Reader View/ Reading List.
No longer blocks: readerv2
Component: Theme and Visual Design → Reader View
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