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Reflect.parse: Support new `import * as X from "Y"` alternative of `module X from Y`


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Steps to reproduce:

As per and confirmed by Domenic, `module X from "Y"` will be deprecated and replaced with `import * as X from "Y"`.

(Also already supported by

This is not in spec yet, but most likely will be there next week, so decided to post it here so we could refer to this discussion easily after changes will be landed.

Expected results:

I've already added support for this into Acorn. However, since existing node types are not enough to represent such use case, I've decided to add ImportBatchSpecifier (analogue of existing ExportBatchSpecifier). Not sure if this is the best possible solution, so open to discussions.
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There was some sort of change here but it's not clear what it was. It can wait for the next ES6 draft, I think.
Seems to be already confirmed.
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