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datetime_from() generates wrong dates if year < 1901


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While investigating why datetime_from("1900-12-31") takes 5.74 seconds on my machine and datetime_from("1901-01-01") takes 0.10 second, I realized that datetime_from() was passing incorrect data to DateTime->new() if the date was older than 1901 (which can happen as we have date and datetime custom fields). That's because strptime() returns the full year if older than 1901. So datetime_from() was incorrectly converting year 1900 into year 3800, making DateTime() terribly slow.
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Given that Date::Parse (which uses Date::Local) is known to be buggy (see, wouldn't a better solution to be using something like DateTime::Format::Strptime ( ), especially considering we turn it into a DateTime object anyway?
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That's an idea, but the problem is that DateTime::Format::Strptime::new() requires the pattern to be provided, i.e. you must know which format is used for the input datetime string, while Date::Parse::strptime() runs several regexps to guess which format is used. As datetime_from() is called from many places, it's hard to determine the pattern for sure, unless we run our own regexps first.
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