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"Adblock Edge" add-on does not work with e10s


(Firefox :: Extension Compatibility, defect)

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Adblock Edge is a fork of Adblock Plus. I am assuming that it will have similar e10s problems as Adblock Plus, but the Adblock Edge team will need to update their add-on.
Blocks: e10s-addons
tracking-e10s: --- → +
Depends on: e10s-abp
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: addon-compat
Is there an administrator I can contact to resolve my apparent inability to politely offer my gratitude and encouragement to Mr. Peterson in a way that complies with Mozilla's rules? Please e-mail me if you can. My address is in the CC. I am willing to follow Mozilla's rules here, I just want to know what is causing my messages to get flagged, even when I am trying to be polite. Thank you!
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Please read This is not the right place for those comments. Comments on this bug should focus on the technical steps required to make Adblock Edge compatible with e10s.
Seems to work for me now.
That's good news. Thanks for testing, akulle12.
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The add-on is broken again and this bug is present also when the Electrolysis feature is disabled.
All filters are gone when opening Nightly, but Adblock Edge works on versions 34 and 35.
akulle12: I can reproduce the Adblock Edge issue, too. I filed bug 1103561 to track it.
I confirm it blocks some ads, not all.

"**This addon will be discontinued on June 2015
Reason: Discontinued in favor of uBlock, a general purpose blocker, that not only outperforms Adblock Edge but is also available on other browsers and, of course, without "Acceptable Ads Whitelist".***"

I have not tried uBlock. It is on AMO but is still under preliminary review.

uBlock is not on Maybe we can add uBlock there and mark Edge as WONTFIX.
(In reply to Dan Q (RedBlade7) from comment #12)
> uBlock is not on Maybe we can add uBlock there and mark
> Edge as WONTFIX.

That's a good idea. uBlock is now on AMO and and reported as e10s compatible. It was listed as "µBlock". I've added both spellings to the website to make searching easier. I can never remember which to look for. :)
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