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translate3d(0,0,0) hides applet behind modal


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open
2. Allow Java to be run

Actual results:

Bootstrap uses `transform: translate3d(0,0,0)` on modals to fix repaints when the user is scrolling. This causes applets that are child elements of modals to be hidden behind the modal. (When the `transform` rule is temporarily disabled using Page Inspector, the applet appears on top of the modal.)

The applet (which has a rectangular background that overlaps the modal's rounded top left corner when visible) doesn't seem to be visible underneath the modal or its backdrop either.

Expected results:

The example page above contains a modal which in turn contains an applet that should display "----------Content from Applet----------". The applet should be successfully displayed on top of the modal. This works fine in Chrome 36.0.1985.125 and IE11.

Original issue at Bootstrap:
It also works fine in Firefox on Mac OS X, so it appears to be Windows-specific.
It works in previous versions of Firefox on Win 7:

After 2012-03-01, I got a Java error about "TestApplletClass.class".
Surely a side-effect of bug 406541.
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(In reply to Loic from comment #2)
> It works in previous versions of Firefox on Win 7:
> Regression:
> good=2012-02-29
> bad=2012-03-01
> pushloghtml?fromchange=30b4f99a137c&tochange=1c3b291d0830
> After 2012-03-01, I got a Java error about "TestApplletClass.class".
> Surely a side-effect of bug 406541.

Bug 406541 was backed out because it broke loading java in some instances, which is probably what you're seeing in this range
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oh and there was a typo in the backout message, so it is hard to find:

So 2012-07-03 is the backout that should un-break the testcase, if someone wants to find a closer regression range there.

FWIW, windowed-mode plugins have always been incompatible with CSS transforms -- I suspect some layout optimization was making this transform a no-op, and some layerization change broke that.
Any chance of getting the Status updated to NEW and also of someone having another go at finding the regression window?
I wasn't able to find a 2nd regression range, because after the backout of bug 406541, the Java applet is still broken displaying a blank window. Maybe the regression appeared between 2012-03-01 and 2012-07-03.
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I'll take this
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Is there another test case. The one is original comment isn't being served.  

Need info me again if another test case is available. Then I try the regression range.
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Attached file Testcase HTML
The example is still online as far as I can tell.

It's literally just an <applet> inside the <div class="modal-content"> of a Bootstrap v3.2.0 modal ( ).

Uploaded a slightly cleaned-up copy of the example for good measure.
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I can't get the attachment installed/running.  

Which demo at  

Clear steps to reproduce would be helpful.
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> Which demo at  

None of those. The bug only occurs on when there's a Java applet in the modal.

The original example ( ) is still online and demonstrates the problem. It's possible that rhcloud might spin down the app when nobody visits it for a while; if that happens, just refresh a few times in a 5 minute period and it should spin back up and load.
See comment 0 for repro steps.
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I'm no longer working on DOM related bugs.
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Ever confirmed: true
Is this still reproducible?
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Yes. Via in Bootstrap's Slack room:

> supergibbs [5:13 PM]
> bug seems to exist both in the latest public version (41.0.1) and the dev version (43.0a2 (2015-09-30))
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We aren't going to fix this issue. Windowed-mode plugins such as Java don't participate in the CSS rendering order very well, and since they are a dying legacy technology we've chosen not to spend time fixing this.
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