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`Date.UTC()` with fewer than two arguments


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The behavior for `Date.UTC()` is undefined even in the ES6 draft spec. But it would be good to align with other implementations.

Results for:

    [ Date.UTC(), Date.UTC(1) ]

Safari/JavaScriptCore: [ NaN, NaN ]
Chrome/Opera/V8: [ NaN, NaN ]
Safari/JavaScriptCore: [ NaN, NaN ]
Old Opera/Carakan: [ NaN, NaN ]

Only Firefox and IE11 return a non-`NaN` value: [ -2208988800000, -2177452800000 ]

Consider returning `NaN` in such cases to match the majority of other engines.
This is why a spec is needed.

Date.UTC(0) returns the same thing as Date.UTC(undefined) and Date.UTC() in at least Firefox and Chrome.  So this is not just about missing arguments; it's about different behavior after you coerce the argument to a number.

So what is the actual behavior you're asking us to implement?
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Oh, I see, fewer than two arguments, ok.
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(In reply to Boris from comment #1)
> So what is the actual behavior you're asking us to implement?

(In reply to Boris from comment #2)
> Oh, I see, fewer than two arguments, ok.

I don’t actually have a preference – I’d just like all implementations to align. The simplest way to make that happen is to convince Firefox/SpiderMonkey and IE/Chakra to return `NaN` for `Date.UTC` calls with fewer than two arguments, but if everyone else is willing to change, that’s fine too.

The spec bug is here, in case you have a strong opinion:
This is now specced, and we should update our implementation:
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This is covered by test262, so I didn't need to write new tests. \o/

I'll update the patch to use the correct git hash as soon as is merged.
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Thanks for the patch.
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The pull request has been merged.
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Updated patch to apply cleanly on inbound, no functional changes. Carrying r+ from shu.
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(In reply to Tom Schuster [:evilpie] from comment #7)
> The pull request has been merged.

Thanks for pinging bterlson to merge the PR!
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Allow to call Date.UTC with fewer than two arguments per ES2017. r=shu
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To whom it may concern, i wanted to use this bug to implement feature-detection for Firefox 54+, but it does not seems reliable as the correct behavior is observed under Firefox 52


> [ Date.UTC(), Date.UTC(1) ]
< Array [ NaN, NaN ]
> navigator.userAgent
< "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0"

So, the MDN's compatibility notes are not correct - as it does states // Firefox <54: non-NaN - and should be amended, thanks :)

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