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Vector skin does not provide table borders by default


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(Keywords: regression)

I tested the new upcoming Vector skin and noticed that tables are very hard to read with it. All the borders are completely lost.

As example see:

If we want to reduce the visibility of borders we might not wanna do such a hard change. It really makes tables unreadable.
Adding the 'wikitable' class to tables will give them a standard style.
Keywords: regression
Summary: Tables loose borders in new Vector skin → Vector skin does not provide table borders by default
How do we want to address this? As I see it we have two options:

a) carry forward the "fullwidth-table" style from gmo/cavendish
b) work on replacing "fullwidth-table" with "wikitable" wherever it's used

We previously talked about not carrying forward custom styles from gmo/cavendish because of the support/maintenance overhead. That said, it'll take work to replace fullwidth-table with wikitable as well.

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