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I have 3 reports from the past few weeks of the Zawgyi font breaking (compared to 4 in the past year).  There are no SUMO posts to validate the issue.  This is not version-specific.

Samsung Note 3:
Huawei Ascend G600:
Samsung S3:

Do these devices ship with a Burmese (I would imagine) font? What language are they selecting in our locale switcher?

> I can't see zawgyi one font on my s3 GT-I9300 with firefox browser in last update

I assume this is a Firefox update rather than an Android update. Recall anything that changed between 30 and 31?

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4 years ago
Hey Aaron:

To clarify we have 1 report on Fennec 29 and 2 reports on Fennec 32, so it looks like it's at least 29+.  I have no knowledge about bespoke language features on these devices.  A quick Google search made it seem that they don't have Zawgyi by default.

I'm not sure that this is actually our / Android's issue, but was asked to go ahead and file :)

To make any progress with this bug we would need to get a technical user who is experiencing this to install the Android SDK and then have them issue the following commands

  mkdir fonts-from-android
  cd fonts-from-android
  adb pull /system/fonts/

to "pull" everything from the device's /system/fonts/ into a directory on your computer; then zip that into an archive and attach to this bug or email them to us.
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