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"Copy as curl" should use --compressed instead of -H "accept-encoding gzip..."


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When using "Copy as curl" on a web page that was sent with compressed content-encoding (like a page here from bugzilla), you'll get -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate' included among the options.

That header will lead to curl asking for a compressed response but without the option that asks it to automatically decompress that data. This leads to the user getting "rubbish" (gzipped data) instead of the expected plain html.

curl's --compressed option includes the correct request header _and_ makes it automatically decompress downloaded compressed content.
Mentor: jryans
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hi! I'M new here , Please assign this bug to me!
Hi Abhirav!  For new contributors, we don't assign the bug until a first patch appears, to keep it available for others until then.

Please take a look at our guide[1] to getting started with the code base.

For this specific bug, I imagine we'd need to modify this block[2] to special case the use of compression headers as Daniel mentions in comment 0.

Also, we should update the cURL tests[3] to cover this change.

If you have any questions, you can check "need info" below and fill in my email, or come to the #devtools IRC room.

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Looks good overall!

You'll also need to update the test[1] to cover this change.


::: browser/devtools/shared/Curl.jsm
@@ +119,5 @@
>        headers = headers.concat(multipartHeaders);
>      }
>      for (let i = 0; i < headers.length; i++) {
>        let header = headers[i];
> +      if ( === "Accept-Encoding" || === "Content-Encoding"){

Content-Encoding is a response header, so only Accept-Encoding is needed here.
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Seems good to me!  Do you have try access to run tests, or should I push it to try for you?
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(In reply to J. Ryan Stinnett [:jryans] from comment #6)
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> bug-1052856.patch
> Review of attachment 8480066 [details]:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Seems good to me!  Do you have try access to run tests, or should I push it
> to try for you?

I dont have access to try. Please push for me thanks
It looks like the tests are failing on try.  Please take a look at the failures.  Also, make sure the tests are passing on your local machine.
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I fixed the issue.
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Hopefully it works this time!

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Try looks good, thanks for working on this!  See the wiki[1] for more DevTools bugs you may be interested in.

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Keywords: checkin-needed
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