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Creating a Firefox set of Emojis


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I've been designing a set of Firefox Emojis to be implemented into the keyboard. The initial launch will be for 2.1 and later.


Created in Adobe Illustrator, each Emojis is made of only solid colour-filled shapes and strokes -- no gradients or effects applied -- each with approximately 3-6 colours within each, give or take. 

Emoji Details:
There are 5 sets: 1) People 2) Nature 3) Miscellaneous Things 4) Places/Transport and 5) Symbols.

We'd like to launch with the entire "People" emoji set for 2.1. Over the following launches after, we'll include the remaining sets. 

Currently, we're implementing the PNGs into keyboard for testing purposes, but next steps are creating a font for the Emojis, so I need info/help with how I can do that.



PDF Sheet of "People" set for reference:

- Illustrator .ai files:

- I've exported the People set as PNGs at 34px square here:
1. This font would be created for general usage, so change the component.
2. Would block bu 993899 because we would only enable emoji keyboard after our own version of emoji font is available.
Blocks: 993899
Component: Gaia::Keyboard → General
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I don't see anyone is working on this for 2.2. Suggest to move this out of 2.2. Ping Howie to see if we should put this into backlog. Thanks.
feature-b2g: 2.2+ → ---
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Hey, ALL emojis will be done as of end of December (potentially today). I'm a contractor, so not sure what's happening on an engineering side to get it into the phones. All I know is Pavel is able to create a font from my raw files. But on my end as the designer, everything is done as of this week.

Pavel, Patryk, any insight or further knowledge on this in terms of 2.2?
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We should try to land it into master, if there is time perhaps it can still be brought into the new 2.2. Pavel can you make sure Rudy has everything he needs when Sabrina is finished with the font. And then we'll go from there.
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I talk with Rudy and for now he don't need the Emojis font. In the mean time I work on the Emojis font.
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Please be informed that I have a WIP in Bug 1100779 that you could try out the emoji keyboard layout.
Please take a look at Bug 1100779 comment 2 for how to add emoji layout at build time.
Thanks Rudy I will try to flash my device with the patch :)
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I discovered the new Mozilla Emoji set over there:

I have to say they look quite nice but with one BIG exception:

The people faces look way too different from other Emoji sets.

I mean, I have to say I actually do not like the look of the people faces at all, they are ugly, they look like babys and even have ears...

And they look soooooo different compared to other popular Emoji sets.

The fact that there are so many different Emoji sets out there from different companys/manufacturers/designers, which all often look quite different from each other, has already led to a big issue, which is that Emojis can easily get lost in translation as described in the following article:

There already are a lot of Emoji sets available, you can see the most popular ones in the following comparison chart for example:

And there are even already open source Emoji sets available.

For example:

There is the Twitter "Twemoji" Emoji set, see:

And there also is the "Emoji One" Emoji set, see:

Both have faces which look quite similar to the faces in the Apple Emoji set, which arguably is the most popular Emoji set out there.

And now Mozilla comes and creates yet another Emoji set which looks way too different from the popular Emoji sets and therefore only contributes to the issue that Emojis can easily get lost in translation.

Is that really necessary?

And it's not just the faces.

The cat faces also look way too different from the other Emoji sets.

And why is that?

Because Mozilla apparently decided to use fox faces instead of cat faces, even though Unicode says it should be cat faces...

So, now a Mozilla user would see a fox face when someone else sends him a cat face.

Why are you doing this?

Even the latest Draft Unicode Technical Report #51:

says this should not be done.

Again, the rest of the Emojis created by Sabrina Smelko actually seem to be quite nice.

But, please, go back to the drawing board and redo the faces before you ship them.

Could you please do that?

Is this a dup to either bug 1206844 or bug 939280? What work does this represents? Should we mark this as fixed?
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I think we can mark this as fixed.
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