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GMPParent & GMPChild should receive plugin paths instead of constructing them themselves


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Both GMPParent & GMPChild depend on our path convention for GMP to extract the gmp plugin id to construct name/binaryName:

We already have this logic in GMPInstallManager & OpenH264Provider, i don't see why we need to have it in yet another place.
We could just pass the gmp plugin id through instead.
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The path convention is what lets them find the .info file and the DLL without scanning the directory. To change this you'd also have to change the MOZ_GMP_PATH logic. Is this really worth changing?
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I don't think it's important, but it would be good to not have dependencies on the path structure spread across the tree.
It just extracts the plugin id, which is already known in other places when registering, so why not pass it in instead?
Flags: needinfo?(georg.fritzsche)
Depends on: 1040905
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