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[Roku] tapping the back button on Android doesn't dismiss the 'cast to device' dialogue


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On my Roku 3 on the latest nightly.

I am playing a castable video and already have the 'send to' icons in the URL bar and the video controls. I tap on the 'send to' icon in the URL bar, and the 'cast to device' dialogue appears. I change my mind, and tap on the Android back button. The dialogue box flickers, but doesn't dismiss. I try 5 more times, it doesn't disappear. (Video is still playing in the background on my phone). Only after tapping somewhere else on the screen 3 more times can I dismiss the dialogue.
Pressing BACK from the "Cast to Device" prompt works fine for me.
Looking for others to try this out - still not working for me.
I saw this bug when I was working on bug 1048688 because of a bug in the patch. We actually displayed the dialog 3 times, quickly. So I had to press BACK 3 times to make it "go way" when really it was going away each time, but 3 dialogs were "stacked" on top of each other.

Might be related?
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multiple dialogs is bug 1055338, but that was due to pageactions.jsm which isn't on 33.
Karen - Can you re-test now that bug 1055338 has landed in Nightly?
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re-tested and it works. Closing this down.
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