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remove the number of taps to select a 'send to <device>'


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If Firefox for Android only detects one 'castable/flingable/mirrorable' device, can we avoid the drop-down box and just send it? And only provide a drop-down if more than one device is found?

Or is there a UX consideration, rationale or standard that I'm missing context for?
I'd rather not do this. Adding the extra tap of sending it to a device is not a real inconvenience, it adds a layer of user control (i.e. they 'know' where it's going) and keeps the flow consistent for the multi-device situation.

I have also seen other apps add a "This device" item to the list that stops the casting and starts playing the video locally.
For me, I got quickly used to the more stream-lined implementation of tapping the icon and off it goes. The rationale is that I'm already consciously taking that action and expecting it to send, not to have a 'are you sure? are you REALLY sure?' dialogue box to dismiss. 

And if I didn't mean to, I should be able to back it out quick enough (pressing the 'x' in the controls bar at the bottom of the page)
Hm, I'm leaning towards not having the dialog popup if there's only 1 device. I'm not sure what the numbers are exactly of users that only have 1 device to pass the video to, but that makes sense to me.

That being said, I also see the point about letting the user "know" where they're headed. Maybe we could roll this out as is for the time being and we can iterate on this after we've had a bit more time to live with it?
If the icon is in the URL bar, we could even treat it similar to the Reader mode hint in bug 1011712
Attaching current state screen shot to remind myself :)
Removing this step also removes a chance for the user to "cancel" the action by tapping the BACK button.
Anthony - Is there anything we want to do here?
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Just talked to Yuan about this a bit. I see Karen's point here for sure but I think for this first version we could keep the confirmation step in there. 

I can see Mark's point for control also extending to some (albeit perhaps minimal) privacy concerns too. So we think it best to leave it in for now and we can always revisit this later on.
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WONTFIXing for now. We can always revisit.
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