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Implement Element.closest()


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Not set





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This method is new in DOM spec:

At now its not yet implemented anywhere but maybe Firefox will be first.
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Hi, I'm interested in this bug. Where should I start with this?
Hi, Lynn. Thanks for your help! Boris, can you point to a DXR link to get Lynn started?
So I was actually going to work on this (I've already emailed Lynn about it). I have a patch ready I just have to re-read one more time before posting it :)
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Implement closest()

bz what do you think?
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Ugh.  I'm sorry I didn't see comment 2; apparently being a mentor on a bug doesn't mean you get mail for it.  :(
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Implement closest()

You don't need the NS_IMETHOD bits in Element.h: this API is not declared in nsIDOMElement.idl (and shouldn't be).  That also means you don't need the nsresult-returning version of this method.

You also don't need to add anything to nsINode.  This API should live on Element only, just like Matches() does.

Also like :matches(), you want to call OwnerDoc()->FlushPendingLinkUpdates() in here before doing any matching.

The rest of this looks great.  r=me with the above simplifications
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Thanks for the quick review bz! I did all the changes, asking to review again in case you want to see the patch before checkin.

Green Try on Win & Android:
Assignee: nobody → agi.novanta
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Implement Element.Closest() ; r=bz

One more nit, because the spec is in the process of changing:  You want to do this right after creating the TreeMatchContext:


and maybe add a basic test for closest(":scope")?

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On the other hand, now Anne and Tab are arguing about how :scope is supposed to work here.  So we may want to wait until they decide something...
OK, I'm following the discussion on www-dom as well.
Giovanni, looks like Anne and Tab agreed on what comment 9 says, so if you get a chance to do that, it would be wonderful.
With pleasure! I added those two lines and three very basic tests. 

The test ":has(> :scope)" throws because we haven't implmeneted :has yet, I suppose? (I can't find the bug for it). I added that as a todo.

Asking for review in case you want to see it again before checkin, thanks!
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Implement Element.Closest() v2

> The test ":has(> :scope)" throws because we haven't implmeneted :has yet,



Do you have the bits to push this to inbound, or should I do that?
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No, I don't have Level 3 yet. Thanks bz!
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Fix web-platform-tests metadata for addition of Element.closest


We should consider adding web-platform-tests for the actual behavior of :closest....
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(In reply to Boris Zbarsky [:bz] from comment #19) 
> We should consider adding web-platform-tests for the actual behavior of
> :closest....

Indeed we should. So I ported the mochitests from this patch. Needs some review (but not much since the actual tests are already reviewed) [1]

With the help of Ziyunfei (who fixed my errors in the example and translated it to Chinese), doc updated:
I landed the tests in web-platform-tests so we'll get them on the next update.
I couldn't see relevant documentation about Element.closest() in Am I missing something?

Also I think this feature deserves to be rel-noted, what do you think?
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merihakar: you are right, the mention in Fx 35 for devs wasn't there; it is now. Thanks for noticing it, I don't know what happened there.
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