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Investigate moving namespaceURI, prefix, and localName to Element and Attr


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firefox48 --- fixed


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I don't think any browser is leading the charge here as of yet. But filing to keep track.

No longer depends on: 1055773
Looks like Chrome 48 land this change, all this attributes return undefined for other nodes than Element and Attr.
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I only changed the IDLs, not the internal methods, because I don't see why I should bother copying the same method to both Element and Attr.  It seems to work fine as-is (compiles and passes the wpt test).
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Please make the Attr versions of these getters [Constant] too.

r=me assuming you are willing to be on the hook for watching for regressions and dealing with them.  I'm not going to have time to do that this time around...
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I should be around Sunday-Thursday this week and next, but not in two weeks, but yes in three weeks.  If a problem occurs in the week I'm out, or after May 8, someone can just back out the patch and I'll look when I get back.  Current Chrome seems to have already done this, so presumably it doesn't break the web.

New try push:
No, I meant that someone should be responsible for keeping an eye on incoming bugs that might be fallout from this, not just that someone needs to deal if there is a problem.  If you're not able to do that yourself, please talk to Andrew Overholt to make sure someone else is planning to do it...
I'll do it.
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Looks good to me so far, Sebastian. Thank you! In order to dev-doc-complete this, we will also need to update these two pages:
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Sebastian, looks great!
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(In reply to Florian Scholz [:fscholz] (MDN) from comment #11)
> Looks good to me so far, Sebastian. Thank you! In order to dev-doc-complete
> this, we will also need to update these two pages:

Oh, right. I've now updated those two pages and also created the following pages:

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