Open Bug 1056433 Opened 7 years ago Updated 3 years ago

getStats should be allowed on a closed PeerConnection


(Core :: WebRTC, defect, P2)




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(Reporter: jib, Unassigned)




Change getStats so that calling it on a closed PeerConnection does not throw, but instead makes available the stats at the time the PeerConnection closed.

Use-case: A webpage wants stats about the call that just terminated from the
other side - e.g. how many frames dropped?

Basically we already cache a final call to getStats internally for about:webrtc, so this bug is about returning this to content when getStats is called after close.
Rank: 35
Priority: -- → P3
backlog: --- → webRTC+
Mass change P3->P4 to align with new Mozilla triage process.
Priority: P3 → P4
We already take a snapshot of stats at time of close internally, for about:webrtc so this could be low-hanging fruit.
Rank: 35 → 19
Priority: P4 → P2
Duplicate of this bug: 1377225
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open and allow access
2. Click "Close!" button

Expected results:
 - Stats numbers should stop increasing, and fps which should go to 0.

Actual result:
 - TypeError: stats is null
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