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Developer Settings: add checkbox to disable GPS Locations


(Core :: DOM: Geolocation, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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GPS-enabled devices use combinations of the GPS and network geolocation. In order to debug, or QA the logic of the GonkGPSGeolocationProvider, we need to be able to toggle the GPS locations on and off. 

Debug Scenarios:
- boot device, turn off GPS location, load geolocation app
--> tests the logic for the cold-start case, which is to use any available network location
- load geolocation toggle GPS locations off
--> tests the logic for temporary dropouts of the GPS, which in areas of poor network geolocation coverage, the last GPS location is used. If network coverage is high, than it may be used.
I added the option: "Ignore GPS locations".

I chose this name for these reasons:
- I want an option that is off by default (vs. "Enable GPS locations"), it is clearer to me to see debugging options that need to be turned on, not off.
- "Disable GPS" would be incorrect wording, all GPS functionality is intact (which is handy because one can look at the debug logging and see what the equivalent GPS location is to the current network location)
- It most accurately reflects what the code will do, which is only to ignore these locations and look for a network location instead.
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GonkGPSLocationProvider gets a new flag for this setting.

Also added code to listen for Gaia settings changed, so the debug flags can be toggled on the fly.
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The debug flag related code needed some cleanup IMHO.

- change #define to const char* for consistency
- change int to bool for bool flags
- make debug log messages more concise, multi-line messages (that could be one-line) make watching the debug log difficult
- put debug flags into the format gDebug_<debug flag name>. We have 2 debug flags now,  we will likely have more in future.
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Comment on attachment 8476753 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 2: gecko: implement gps ignore flag

Review of attachment 8476753 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/system/gonk/GonkGPSGeolocationProvider.cpp
@@ +828,2 @@
>      obs->RemoveObserver(this, kNetworkConnStateChangedTopic);
> +#endif

We could remove observer unconditionally.
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Note to self, make sure to rebase on top of bug 1033274 when that lands
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Oh, could you send a Pull Request for your gaia patch? Here is a guidance for your reference.

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Thanks for the review Evelyn, I'll review that link and follow the PR process for Gaia.
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Part 1: Gaia: added dev checkbox for ignoring GPS location

Marking obsolete, proper PR is on Gaia github.
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Part 1 is on Gaia github:

I didn't carry over the r+, although it is the same code as the patch on the bug; it is my first Gaia PR, so my Gaia commit process should be eyeballed to see that I followed the instructions correctly.

(I didn't realize this PR link was to go into an bugzilla attachment, or I would have done it when I obsoleted the attached patch in the prev comment).
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Part 1: Gaia: added dev checkbox for ignoring GPS location

Everything is good! Thank you. :)
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Rebased on latest m-c, carrying over r+ from Kan-Ru.
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Rebased on today's m-c, carrying over r+ from Kan-Ru's previous review.
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see previous comment. Needed one more change for rebase.
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rebase of part 2 on m-c, carrying over previous r+,

Try is Green:

Your Try Server build (f411a5c79165) was successfully completed on builder try-linux.
It should be available for download at
The full log for this build run is available at

For an overview of all results see TBPL.
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