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Pref to force frames to be resizable


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Web authors often make incorrect assumptions about the margins a UA will apply 
to their page. They then present frames which would be completely visible if 
they were just a little bit taller/wider, but which have the NORESIZE attribute 

Therefore, Mozilla should provide a pref to force frames to be resizable, by 
ignoring NORESIZE. This bug is spun off from bug 89557, which would provide a 
GUI to expose the pref.

Problem occurs in: Mozilla
Problem does not occur in: iCab
Blocks: 89557
->evaughan (who got pollmann's bugs)
Assignee: pollmann → evaughan
Taking this since I have a partial fix in my tree.
Assignee: evaughan → bzbarsky
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hyatt?  evaughan? reviews?
Keywords: patch, review
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.6
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Use NS_OK instead of returning a 'raw' 0.
This is for the nsrefcnt functions?  I was not sure whether those returned
nsresult or just a number (the new refcount, eg).
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Better patch (a bit simpler and fewer member vars)

<sigh>.  Observer interfaces have changed.  new patch coming up.
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Attached file testcase to play with
What is the default value of the pref?  I assume we leave things alone by 
default, and only do the override if the user changes the pref?
Please make sure the pref is off and that the default behavior is unchanged 
when you land this. Thanks.
Can't we cache the prefBranch and thus avoid the costly work to get it again in
the destructor? I'm worried about slowing down the tear-down of IFRAMES even

We can certainly cache the prefBranch.  I wasn't sure what the
performance/footprint tradeoffs were here... It may well be better to cache the
prefBranch and _not_ cache the pref, getting it from the prefbranch instead as
needed (every call to GetBorderWidth, unfortunately).  Or we could cache both.

What do you think, Marc?
I think it is fine to cache the pref and the prefBranch - there are not
generally too many FrameFrames around, and the size of the added data members
are small, so I'm not worried about the footprint as much as the performance.
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Patch that caches the pref branch

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Checked in.
Closed: 23 years ago
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Was this preference disabled in Firefox 42 because it's no longer working. It was really useful.
Yes, this preference was removed in bug 1184842 because it was significantly complicating some optimizations that were being done to attribute setting.  See bug 1184842 comment 26 and bug 1184842 comment 33.
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Component: Layout: HTML Frames → Layout: Images
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