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" Creator (fork)" add-on does not work with e10s


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When I click the " Creator" toolbar button to create a short URL using nothing happens, but I see the following error message in Firefox's Browser Console:

> TypeError: IsGdCreator.focused.value is undefined. isgd.js:153

Here is the failing function from the add-on JS:

    isURLSelected: function() {
        if (IsGdCreator.focused!=null) {
            var sel=IsGdCreator.focused.value.substring(IsGdCreator.focused.selectionStart,IsGdCreator.focused.selectionEnd);
            return IsGdCreator.isValidURL(sel);
        return false;
Summary: " Creator" add-on does not work with e10s → " Creator (fork)" add-on does not work with e10s
hi mrkschan, if you have any questions about add-on support for multiprocess Firefox (e10s), just drop by the #e10s IRC channel on MDN also has a good introduction:
Hey :cpeterson, I'm considering to port the extension from XUL to use High-Level APIs of the SDK, is there any tools out there that can help the migration?
Unfortunately, I don't think there are any tools to automate the porting of extensions from XUL to the Add-on SDK. The good news is that I don't think you need to rewrite much code. The toolbar is operable. You probably just need to write a frame script to grab the current page's URL from the sandboxed content process.
Hey :cpeterson, where can i find docs talking about the backward compatibility of frame script?
mrkschan: this MDN page is a good tutorial for making an existing extension compatible with e10s using frame scripts:

Drop by the #e10s IRC channel on if you have more technical questions.
Hey :cpeterson, I rewrote the thing using Add-on SDK. I think it will be e10s compatible. Ref -
Thanks! I just tested version 0.3 and it works for me with e10s. I use this add-on all the time. :)

I'd like to keep this bug report open until version 0.3 completes the review process and becomes the default version. That will avoid user confusion where this bug report is marked fixed (which automatically updates the list of compatible add-ons on, but the default version (0.2.4) is not e10s-compatible yet.

When version 0.3 is your new default version, please feel free to close this bug or ping me.
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