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Needinfo-ing a mentor doesnt work


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(Reporter: Ricmacas, Assigned: dkl, Mentored)



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Steps to reproduce:
While needinfo-ing a mentor here:
I ran into an issue that when I selected mentor, the checkbox would be checked and the mentor's name would be filled in the box, but after submitting there was no needinfo to be seen.

What should happen:
Needinfo the mentor

What happened:
No needinfo.
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Trying it out now!
Mentor: lhenry → ricardojorgemacas
Ricardo just tried to need-info the mentor for this bug while I was assigned as mentor. That wasn't reflected in this bug and I didn't get an email. Confirming that it's a problem! :)
Help me, Obi-Wan Ricardo, you're my only hope. 

(This is a test!)
Ok that didnt work either.
This is probably related to some recent refactoring of the bug mentoring field on the back end. I will investigate this further.

Attached patch 1059419_1.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Assignee: nobody → dkl
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putting the mentor into the 'other' field makes that field's behaviour inconsistent.

when a bug is first opened, the 'other' field is empted.  after selecting reporter/assignee/myself from the needinfo menu and then 'other', it is still empty.  however with this patch, if you select a mentor and then 'other', the field is populated with the selected mentor.  this shouldn't happen.
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resetting the assignedto field due to inactivity.  I am not sure if this is still a valid bug, glob could you comment on that?
Assignee: dkl → nobody
Flags: needinfo?(glob)
yes, it's still valid.
reassigning back to dkl to put on his radar.
Assignee: nobody → dkl
Flags: needinfo?(glob)
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nice; r=glob, with cache=>1 to be fixed on commit.

::: extensions/Needinfo/
@@ +121,5 @@
>                      $requestees{$requestee_obj->login} = 1;
>                  }
>              }
> +            # Requestee is a mentor
> +            elsif ($needinfo_role && Bugzilla::User->check($needinfo_role)) {

Bugzilla::User->check do a cached check..
->check({ name => $needinfo_role, cache => 1 })
Attachment #8556053 - Flags: review?(glob) → review+
Sorry for the delay in fixing this. Should be in production soon.

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   ece0cae..89d3199  master -> master

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