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e10s EventTarget shim is broken


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Firefox 35
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I found a major bug in the shim code while working on bug 1059007. When you create a new Interposition, you're allowed to pass in an existing one that it inherits from. We use the proto chain to link them together. However, when looking for shims for a particular property, we use interp.hasOwnProperty, which doesn't actually look at the prototype.

The reason I switched to hasOwnPrototype is because I didn't want stuff from Object.prototype showing up as a shim. However, we can just set the prototype of the base shims to null to avoid that.

I also added a name property to every shim, which helps debugging. And I fixed a variable that needed |let| in front of it.

It's pretty clear that we need tests for this code though. I'll get working on that and post in this bug when I'm done.
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Summary: EventTarget shim is broken → e10s EventTarget shim is broken
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This makes sense, but yes please for tests.

::: toolkit/components/addoncompat/RemoteAddonsParent.jsm
@@ +457,5 @@
>    },
>    dispatch: function(browser, type, isTrusted, event) {
>      let targets = this.getTargets(browser);
> +    for (let target of targets) {

Ouch - good catch.
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Moving old M2 P1 bugs to M3.
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