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ghost tabs (the page has been closed but the tab remains)


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Steps to reproduce:

This happens on both my desktop and my laptop.
I'm sorry that my steps to reproduce are so vague, but I really just clicked the tab with the middle mouse button to close it and that's all.

Actual results:

From time to time when I close a tab (by using the middle mouse button on it) the tab will stay, but if I left-click the tab I go instead to the tab to the right of it.

If I actually move the tab around it will display its page again, but the tab will be positioned in really odd places

If I then try to move the tab again, it will snap back to its original position. 
Even after all this I still can't close the tab, and if I click it, well it still takes me to the next working tab on the right.

As said, it only happens sometimes, most of the time everything works. Let me know if you need more information =)

Expected results:

Well, what should have happened is what usually happens, the tab should have closed and unloaded the webpage ;)
¡Hola Logan!

Can you please check if resetting Firefox solves this ?

If it does solve your issue, kindly pick below RESOLVED then WORKSFORME.

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Hi Alex, I haven't actually had the problem all day, the last few days it's happened a lot, where I've just had to restart firefox to close all the dead tabs properly.
However I've just clicked the reset button, if it happens again I'll go back here and post it, asap. If it doesn't, then thanks (and also, I'll set it as resolved when I'm sure) =)
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I have the problem since one of the last update on 3 different systems. Can easily be reproduce in frest install. Just surf a little and open a few new tabs (using mouse wheel click) and close a few of them again after a while (using the mousewheel again). After a while you will come across the case that you close a tab, but the inner "View" Of firefox is still on the tab you just closed - this is the bug. Also try Ctrl+Tab to scroll through the tabs - sometimes you have "no" tab selected and the view of that ghost tab. happens all the time for me - also when i surfed a little, again with opening and closing tabs - when i still have one left and click the X on the top left to close the window, firefox asks me if i want to close 2 tabs.
¡Hola Lou!

Do you have any tab handling enhancement add-ons?

Does solve the problem?
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The problem is easy to reproduce even without any addon on a resetted firefox. Was able to reproduce it on 20 machines in my work today (tested it on each on my co-workers pc - after they surfed a little i switched through all tabs using Ctrl+Tab and found nearly always at least one ghost tab).
Again: this bug was introduced with the last big update
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Additional Info: The bug seems to only occur when you close a tab with your mousewheel.
It looks like you open a new tab while you close an old tab at the same time (with the same mouse-wheel click event) - then you have a ghost tab (an active tab which has no visible/selectable tab in the tab bar - but you can switch to it with Ctrl+Tab - you can't close it using Ctrl+W through)
I'm gonna have to bump this if its possible, this bug has returned in firefox 39 and its annoying me to no end.
there problem is still there

just the ghost tab can easily take 1GB in days.
Is this still present in latest Firefox version?
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there do still have ghost hang around, I just keep restart Firefox when I ran out of memory,

I think most of the thing will change after Firefox 57,
because it will kill most of the tab assist addon I currently use, like TreeStyleTab and Tab Groups,

which force me to change how I use firefox
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Bug is still present in Firefox 109.0.1 on Arch Linux.

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