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Remove additional setting of mNeedsRefreshes = true to nsTransitionManager::WalkTransitionRule


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In Bug 1025709, an additional setting of mNeedsRefreshes = true as added to nsTransitionManager::WalkTransitionRule:

now at:

According to bug 1048838 comment 19 this may cause unnecessary work when we have multiple style flushes.

We should see if there is a way to remove this. Also, while we're at it, as also mentioned in bug 1048838 comment 19, we should also investigate why WalkTransitionRule needs a null-check.
For what it's worth:
 * I've been running for at least a month (desktop and B2G phone) with the mNeedsRefreshes = true removed, and haven't noticed any problems.
 * there was a problem when I removed the null-check
I removed the removal from my tree because it was breaking all but the first transition in , at least back when I was debugging that testcase.
This works for me, even for the test case in comment 2. Applies on top of the patch for bug 1117603.
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Don't force transitions to refresh their style rule

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I'm waiting for bug 1117603 to land before I land this.
Looks like this might trigger a test failure after all:

browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_989751_subviewbutton_class.js | Uncaught exception - Condition timed out: () => !PanelUI.multiView.hasAttribute("transitioning")
After some changes in bug 1117603, looks like this might be ok now but I've retriggered the jobs that failed last time in case I just happened to get lucky:
Can this reland now that bug 1117603 stuck?
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(In reply to David Baron [:dbaron] ⏰UTC-7 from comment #11)
> Can this reland now that bug 1117603 stuck?

Yes! (I was just running it through try over the weekend and making sure bug 1117603 really stuck this time!)

Try run:
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