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Tracking bug for overall DXR (part of webdev) community building efforts.
Here are some thoughts on potential next steps.

Because Erik identified the main community building blocker as being too
few code reviewers, the primary goal of these next steps is to identify
and on-board at least 2 additional reviewers. This, in turn, will enable
even more community contributions.

 * See where DXR team is with refactoring work that was/is planned for
this quarter (because it highly affects on-boarding).

 * Find out what is known about current contributors. Can potential
reviewers be identified and therefore mentored? Is DXR connected with
our contributor dashboard[1] (Baloo[2])? I think all Mozilla's Github
repos are already connected to this, but do you have the reporting you
need for DXR?

 * Identify who can act as a mentor/guide on the team and then
specifically recruit/invite contributors to become reviewers or to train
on how to do this.

 * Advertise this contribution opportunity via about:mozilla newsletter
and other places.

 * Possible there's a bit of work to be done to test the contribution
documentation that's on the wiki and readthedocs. Should Christie do
this? Someone else in the community?

Sent follow-up via email.
Closing inactive bugs.
Feel free to reopen them if I am wrong.
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