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Timeout screen appears after sometime.....


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Steps to reproduce:

I run an applicatoin job in firefox Version 32.

While following configurations appearing as '0' already, which was used in FF ver.30, and that case was fine in ver:30. But now it again appears with time set to '0'

type:     about:config

Search these and remove numeric values for:

Edit  > Preferences > Advanced >  Network > Settings > Mark check on 'Auto-Detect Proxy Settings for this Network'


Actual results:

But after sometime, response timeout appears.

Expected results:

Since all times alreaedy set to value=0, then no timeout error should appears.
Component: Untriaged → Networking: HTTP
Product: Firefox → Core
Do you mean network.http.response.timeout, and did you change that to 0 ? Does your server send keepalive packets? If not, disable both network.http.tcp_keepalive.short_lived_connections and network.http.tcp_keepalive.long_lived_connections to have the timeout setting take effect.
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(In reply to Asif Alam from comment #0)

Hi Asif - thanks for filing the bug! I have a couple of questions to add to Gijs' comment:

> network.http.keep-alive.timeout
> network.http.connection-timeout
> http.response.timeout

There are a lot of config changes listed in your description, so we need to sort through which one is causing the problem.

First off, can you list the config that you had in v30? And can you confirm that that config still works - we should confirm that there have been no changes in your network that are causing the timeout.

Second, can you try resetting all the values to default and see if the timeout occurs.

> Edit  > Preferences > Advanced >  Network > Settings > Mark check on
> 'Auto-Detect Proxy Settings for this Network'

Third, can you try disabling proxy usage in settings - 'No proxy'. We need to confirm that the proxy is working correctly.

Fourth, if default values and 'No proxy' fix the problem, can you change one piece of config at a time to help determine which one is causing the timeout.

Many thanks - help is greatly appreciated.
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