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Create Geoclue2 Location provider


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #485472 +++

Geoclue2 is a D-Bus service that provides geolocation, and uses MLS for network location:

As D-Bus service, the provider can be queried at runtime, and if not present, fallback to the default provider.
Depends on: 485472

Marking inactive due to the length of inactivity here, feel free to re-open if you wish this to remain active.

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Doesn't look like I have permission to re-open, but I'd love to see this or some alternatively to allow integrating with any system geolocation methods I have set up, such as a Bluetooth GPS.

I do have a Geoclue2 geolocation provider for gecko-dev right now and have been using it in Firefox for a few weeks now.

This provider is purely (G)D-Bus based, so it doesn't need any additional external library as a dependency.
I envision it as a system-wide geolocation source, much like the ones that Firefox already uses on Windows, Mac OS or Android platforms.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that I will be able to find enough time to go through a formal review process with this patch before this year winter holiday break.

Add a Geoclue (version 2) geolocation provider.

This way Firefox can make use of multiple location sources present in the
system, from GNSS provided by a cellular modem or the current network to
location based on visible WiFi networks and 3G tower data, all while
sharing them with other applications.

This is a pure D-Bus-based implementation using a proper state machine, it
does not require any additional dependencies.

Assignee: nobody → mail
Resolution: INACTIVE → ---

By the way, WebKitGTK got Geoclue2 support already.

How does this compare to the portal service that was recently added for Flatpak and so on? Do we really need both?

(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #7)

How does this compare to the portal service that was recently added for Flatpak and so on? Do we really need both?

Portal service is a limited API for Flatpak containers that internally forwards to Geoclue. Without Flatpak runtime that API is not available.

In contrast to the portal provider this is a complete, native Geoclue API implementation on a state machine (for handling corner cases, etc.) for use in a standalone Firefox.

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Geoclue2 geolocation provider. r=emilio

Sylvestre, do you know why reviewbot didn't complain about the static analysis issue in the phab revision? I'm pretty sure it used to do that in the past.

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Marco and Andi should know better now

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Geoclue2 geolocation provider. r=emilio
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There is an intermittent issue with code-review events, and it doesn't notify Phabricator, we are tracking this in github.

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