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FF32 generates invalid a=fmtp:0 profile-level-id fmtp


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Tracking Status
firefox32 + wontfix
firefox33 --- unaffected
firefox34 --- unaffected
firefox35 --- unaffected
firefox-esr31 --- unaffected
b2g-v2.0 --- unaffected


(Reporter: philipp+bugzilla, Assigned: jesup)





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reproduction (interop issue)
1) go to a room on (or apprtc) in Firefox
2) join the same room in chrome.
The call doesn't get established. While chrome://webrtc-internals doesn't show any errors, the setRemoteDescription error callback is called with "Failed to parse SessionDescription.  Failed to parse video codecs correctly."

Apparently chrome groks on
a=fmtp:0 profile-level-id=0x42e00c;packetization-mode=1
removing that from the offer helps. should let you reproduce the fmtp:0 line easily. This doesn't happen in nightly.

I think chrome should ignore a=fmtp lines it can not parse, will file an issue in their bugtracker and link it here. looks similar, but the id seems to be set there.
The problem is caused by offering H.264 when 32 does not have H.264 support (except in FxOS 2.0 on platforms where HW OMX h.264 is enabled).

If the profiles has set to true the problem occurs.  (By default in 32 other than FxOS the pref doesn't appear even in about:config; you have to add it via New.)

Typically this happens if the user has manually set it to true.  It's possible (in theory) that running some version of 33/34 might have at some point set it without user interaction, but I doubt it.

We should guard against it, though, since 32 doesn't actually have h.264 support.
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only look at h264_enabled pref if HW OMX H.264 is enabled

The other use of h264_enabled in 32 is in VcmSIPCCBinding.cpp, and is guarded by an #ifdef MOZ_WEBRTC_OMX.  Doing test build to verify.
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Tracking as Maire requested that this bug be considered for a 32.0.1 ride along.
Removed tracking from 34/35, downgraded to ? for 33 until we verify that I'm right:

35 and I believe 34 do not show the bug when OpenH264 is explicitly disabled in AddOns, regardless of the state of the enable, though the code the patch modifies is still wrong.  The changes in VcmSIPCCBinding.cpp to support OpenH264 override the hard-coded value from PeerConnectionCtx.cpp.  33 likely is the same as 34/35 since it has pretty much all the OpenH264 fixes, but we should check.

If that flag-setting is now ignored, we should strongly consider removing it from PeerConnectionCtx.cpp in 35.

2.0 (based on 32) has OMX support, and has the pref but defaults to disabled unless the HW manufacturer's repo sets it, so this bug should not affect 2.0.
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I just tried with a brand new FF 32 and was able to replicate Jesup's
report from c2.

Philipp, can you try with a new profile and see if you can reproduce.
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ekr: yes, manually setting the flag to true on a fresh profile is the way to reproduce it.

Should have close to zero user impact fortunately
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fix verified on a release build plus this patch, so it's available.  Since the code exists (and is wrong, though overridden) on 35, I'll land it there, but we should move to get rid of the hardcoded codec lists entirely.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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I spoke with Randell on irc. This bug has more limited impact than first suspected. As such, marking this as won't fix in 32.
verified 33 is unaffected
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