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4 years ago
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(Reporter: Stephany Wilkes, Unassigned)


2.2 S2 (19dec)
Mac OS X

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4 years ago
Set language to Russian (or to another language without the 26 character English alphabet, like Korean, Hindi, etc.). Observe that the indexed scrolling indicator still shows the English alphabet and its 26 characters.  

Expected: The indexed scrolling indicator alphabet should match/reflect the alphabet of the selected language in Settings. 

For Arabic, perhaps this should be Alef to Ghain and include all 28 letters. Other languages (French, Japanese, etc.) will have a different list.

Adding Harly to CC: so we reflect this in our Patterns docs.
Hi Stephany,

We will need a guideline of how to implement this for each language that needs it. Do you know where can we find that?

Also, in the spec 'truncated alphabets' are mentioned. Do we have any guideline to implement those?

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4 years ago
Sergi, I'm sorry, but we don't do (and have never done) per-language UX specifications, though we sometimes do patterns for OS-wide functionality, such as the Arabic spec, simply because so much of the interface is different. But... I do see what you're getting at, as our spec may have inadvertently put us into the somewhat intractable multilingual-collation-and-sort problem in CS. :)

In that case, our UX spec would be asking you to:
* Group contact list by language of contact name;
* Sort contacts of like language according to the rules of that language (in which case, alphabetical order is fairly well specified for Latin alphabet languages, whereas for non-Latin alphabets we'd need to also incorporate lexicographical and/or radical-and-stroke sorts... and so the scope grows);
* And, finally, show the first character of each language's correct "first" character as the indexed scroll character. 

Which does make it all seem rather infeasible for 2.2, no? :)

Also, which spec are you referring to - i.e. the one you saw "truncated alphabets" in? Please provide a link so I can see the same one. Thanks!

I am flagged Ahmed to ask what he'd expect to see a combined Arabic and English language contacts list, so we can begin to determine what's ideal vs. reasonable and stage the work that way.
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Hi Stephany,

Thanks for your thorough response. I have to admit that I was indeed a bit terrified at implementing the points you outlined above for 2.2 :)

I am referring to the BiDi guidelines v0.2 (https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jofmy5yz8ulofp/BiDi_20141030.pdf?dl=0), and there is a mention of truncated alphabets in page 16.

QA Contact: jlorenzo
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RTL triage: P3 -- this bug is not prioritized for inclusion in the 2.2 release.
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3 years ago
Clearing flag for Ahmed since this is out for now.
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3 years ago
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