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Toolbox height is larger than the available space after increasing the toolbox height, closing tools, shrinking browser height, then reopening tools


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1. Load
2. Open the Developer Tools > Console
3. Resize the Developer Tools to be very tall

4. Close the Developer Tools
5. Resize your browser so the height is much smaller

6. Open the Developer Tools and notice the text box is no longer visible (also try typing something to see where the autocomplete box shows up)

Expected results:
The height of the Developer Tools (and Console) pane is resized to fit. (FWIW, this is what Chrome does.)

Actual results:
When a user resizes the height of Developer Tools pane, the height is always preserved, even when there's not enough space. In order to fix this for narrower heights, you have to make the browser taller and then make the Developer Tools pane shorter.

(I see a similar bug, bug 1014622, was marked RESOLVED INVALID. I wonder if the bug was exhibiting this behaviour or if it's unrelated to this issue.)
There are a couple of issues this shows.

The main one that should be fixed for this bug is that we need to be smarter about the 'devtools.toolbox.footer.height' pref, clamping the actual height that is set for the toolbox to a min between that value and the available space.

There is also Bug 971129 which makes it not possible to resize the entire toolbox after step 6.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
See Also: → 971129
Summary: Console missing text box upon maximising console height and minimising browser height → Toolbox height is larger than the available space after increasing the toolbox height, closing tools, shrinking browser height, then reopening tools
I truly wish there was a way to do this with CSS only...  I have an idea about how we could do it by setting a min-height on browserContainer, but going to put this here since we will want to use the test case either way.
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I think this is a good improvement even if I find another way to tackle part of the problem using CSS (in Bug 971129).  My current thinking on that bug is that we may be able to set a min-height/width on .browserContainer, which would prevent the toolbox from being resized to fill the full screen.  Even so, we still would want to clamp the height setting on load, since flexing / resizing can act oddly when height is > max height.  Here is a try push:
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Review of attachment 8583376 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good.  CSS would be neat, but this seems fine too.
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Try push looks good
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