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4 years ago
We should migrate to pulse, when pulse guardian and the new permission system is deployed.

In order to do this we have to:
 A) Give each component it's own AMQP credentials
 B) Modify exchange prefix to "exchange/taskcluster-<component>/v1/..."
    (e.g. "exchange/taskcluster-queue/v1/task-completed")
 C) Update taskcluster-client and update everywhere it's used
This is mostly just configuration work...

Note, (B) the format "exchange/<amqp-username>/..." is necessary to comply with pulse permission model. And (A) is just a sane thing to do :)

For test automation ie. in travis we can probably use a "taskcluster-testing" account or something for all components.


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Blocks: 1066895


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Depends on: 1067072

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4 years ago
Pulse just deployed multi-user support, I'll try this out and see if it works.

Specifically, port exchanges from taskcluster-base and AMQPListener from taskcluster-client, to accept pulse credentials (username/password). And then see if it works nicely... If so we should IMO, consider switching.

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4 years ago
I'll keep playing with pulse; already added a PulseListener to taskcluster-client today.
But I think we need pulse usernames with some form of separators before we migrate taskcluster to pulse.
See bug 1079595.

I would like to move taskcluster to pulse this friday/weekend. But I do want PulseGuardian support for the taskcluster-<component> naming scheme.
Depends on: 1079595
Assigning this to you Jonas as you are already on it...
Assignee: nobody → jopsen
Blocks: 1080265


4 years ago
Depends on: 1080726

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4 years ago
Most components were migrated last week...
I just migrated taskcluster-index, and I think jlal did taskcluster-treeherder it certainly looks migrated...

So this is bug is now fixed :)
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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Resetting Version and Target Milestone that accidentally got changed...
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