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Serious Navigation bug for web audio editor in Fx35


(DevTools Graveyard :: Web Audio Editor, defect)

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Firefox 35


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Only in Fx35.0a1 (9/5/2014), not found in Fx34.0a1. Navigating to a page does not restart the WAE panel.

* Go to a page with audio [1] and load the WAE tools
* Navigate to a new page [2] with the tools still open
* Just waits on "Waiting for audio context to be created", can't refresh to get out of it without closing/reopening toolbox

Also in Fx35.0a1(2014-09-11)
This was introduced via bug 1053805
Pinging Victor, should check out shader/canvas editors to see if bug 1053805 caused similar weirdness with those tools
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Reloading results in global X+1 being created, followed by global X being destroyed -- as call watcher's onGlobalDestroyed event occurs after the creation of the new global, the window matching in onGlobalDestroyed that pauses recording is never called in this case.

However, when navigating to a new page, global X is first destroyed, thus pausing recording, and then global X+1 is created with call watcher's `_recording` being off.

This fixes web audio, and we can roll a fix into call watcher itself if there are issues with shader/canvas editor.
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I've actually seen this happening a few times in the canvas tools too!
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Canihaz dis for canvas.js?
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Checking this in, opened bug 1070225 for canvas editor to apply a similar patch, will take care of that
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seems some failures were related to this changeset too like so i had to backout this too
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What are the other failures? I can't imagine a change in a dev tool panel causing plugin failures within the browser..
Note to self, fix tests to pass with ES6 lexical temporal dead zone[1]

Updated patch with `let` lexical changes, new try:
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Try looking good after `let` changes
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