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double click word selection expansion stopping at u+A789 (ModifierSymbol : "Sk")


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Load Attached sample document
which contains:
where ꞉ is u+A789
2. double click on hello or world.

Actual results:

only hello or world is selected.

Expected results:

the whole word "hello꞉world" should be selected.

IE selects the entire string.
Chrome behaves like firefox. (which I beleive to be the incorrect behaviour)
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Product: Firefox → Core
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It looks like this is intentional - we stop at kPunctuation or kSymbol:

u+A789 belongs to the Unicode "Symbol, Modifier [Sk]" category:

and we map that to kSymbol here:
Severity: normal → minor
Priority: -- → P4
The list of characters in the 'Symbol, Modifier' category:
Looking at the collection of 'Sk' characters, I think it'd make sense in general to include them as part of the 'word' for double-click selection purposes. Excluding them from the chars recognized by ClusterIterator::IsPunctuation() should fix this.
Attachment #8489097 - Flags: review?(mats)
If we agree this change makes sense, we should also add suitable testcases to layout/generic/test/test_movement_by_words.html.
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include characters with Unicode category Sk (modifier symbol) in double-click word selection.

Seems reasonable, r=mats

Perhaps you'd want to capitalize the commit message:
bug 1066756 - include ...
^             ^
to follow common practice.

Also, there's a minor error in the code comment here:
The hb_unicode_general_category_t enum now lives in

And don't forget to add the tests you suggested, thanks!
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Tidied up nits; added a test using the MODIFIER LETTER COLON, as in the original testcase here.
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