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Removed compatibility layer of libvpx


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Steps to reproduce:

I compiled the latest mozilla-central tree, --with-system-libvpx enabled.

Actual results:

Compilation fails, because the libvpx devs removed the compat layer which mapped the VPX_PLANE_* and VPX_IMG_FMT_* constants introduced in libvpx v0.9.1 to their older counterparts w/o the VPX_ prefix.

Expected results:

There are a few places where Mozilla still uses the old constants. I attached two patches which renames the constants.
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2nd patch.
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Review of attachment 8489368 [details] [diff] [review]:

Hi! Thanks for the patch submission. Normally you should set the r=? flag with one of the suggested reviewers to get prompt attention.
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The 2nd patch.

Passing review of the webrtc bit to jesup.

Steffan, can you take care of submitting this one upstream as well? This part of the code comes from
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Blocks: 1063356
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I've submitted a bug report @ (#3839). The first two patches should therefore be obsolete as far as I can see, one could wait for a fixed upstream version of webrtc.
No, these should land. We want to update our in-tree copy of libvpx as well, and that will likely happen sooner than a webrtc update. Doing so requires these patches, so thanks for the timely fix!
I also wonder how chromium handles this, since they're using an equally new libvpx.
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(In reply to Ralph Giles (:rillian) from comment #7)
> I also wonder how chromium handles this, since they're using an equally new
> libvpx.

They are fixing it on their own before it goes upstream with webrtc. Their pritority.
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