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MacBook touchpad not scrolling with two fingers when e10s enabled


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If I enable e10s, I am unable to scroll the page with two finger gesture. Text selection/moving with three fingers works fine.

System Info:
MacBook Pro
13-inch, Mid 2012
Processor  2,9 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory  16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000
Software  OS X 10.9.4 (13E28)
I have the exact same computer/software and am unable to reproduce this on Nightly 35.0a1.

Do you have any touchpad "augmentation" software, such as BetterTouchTool, enabled and configured in a way that might conflict with Firefox?
I have no extra software installed. I've tried with last Nightly (35.0a1 (2014-09-18)) and as soon as I enable e10s, I am unable to scroll. One interesting thing is, I can scroll inside about:preferences page.

This is my work computer, I will also try at home and tell if I can scroll.
The fact that it works on the settings page (where most extensions are disabled) points to an extension issue. Try resetting Firefox (Help menu -> Troubleshooting Information -> Reset) and let us know if that fixes it.
I do not have any extensions installed in Nightly.

I can scroll inside: about:preferences, about:addons, about:support
I cannot scroll inside: about:config, any other webpage.

I also cannot scroll horizontally, and navigate on history with swipe gesture (e10s enabled or not).

I do not know if they are related or not but, I have these flags enabled in about:config :

Found! layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled preference prevents vertical scrolling if e10s enabled and prevents horizontal scrolling/history back-forward no matter what.
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Duplicate of bug: 863514
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