Adding a mixed-case email to Team Etherpad turns it lowercase and causes account to not exist



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I've added people to but one account is having trouble accessing it - Becky Scheffler	

This is holding back her ability to fully participate so I am bumping up the importance a bit to see if we can get this working for her ideally today.

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4 years ago
Any sort of error message?

The auth is handled by Persona (of course), and there's a known problem when the user's browser disallows 3rd party cookies. IIRC the UI for that never got polished, and it behaves oddly... I think it gets stuck in a loop and the auth never completes. The solution is to allow 3rd-party cookies.

I think you can add an exception for, or "From visited" and then visit

I'm not aware of any other known auth problems, so if that doesn't cure it we'll need more info to dig any deeper.

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4 years ago
We just checked and she does have cookies enabled, the etherpad (after successful Persona login) says: 

Account not found:, request a new account for ascend

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4 years ago
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4 years ago
OK we figured out what the bug is in IRC:

1. Add a team account with someone who's email address is mixed case
2. Watch etherpad admin tell you that the person has been added (email is all lowercase)
3. Person accepts the link sent to them in email, tries to log in (using Persona and their mixed-case email)
4. Person is told the do not have access to this etherpad and to create an account
5. Person tries to request account (using mixed-case email) and is told that email already has an account

To workaround this you can edit (Manage) the person's account on the etherpad and set it back to mixed case and then they can log in.
Assignee: nobody → rhelmer
Summary: Team etherpad ( account can't access pads → Adding a mixed-case email to Team Etherpad turns it lowercase and causes account to not exist

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4 years ago
Moving it back to normal urgency since we're past the problem personally.
Severity: major → normal
Not currently working this.
Assignee: rhelmer → nobody

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This component is no longer being tracked and its bugs are being closed and moved to the Websites Graveayard product.
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